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A bath that doesn't require the support of the wall and tends to stand with the assistance of the floor surface is called a freestanding bath. Normally, it is fixed on the floor or mounted on feet, making a beautiful attraction in the bathroom. Burlington freestanding bath offers a wide variety of freestanding baths appropriate to your bathroom.

Like inset baths, freestanding baths require less attachment like a surrounding tiling hob and also freestanding baths are time and cost saviour. Such manifestation holds the head high when it comes to design and looks. Buy freestanding bathtubs which are fully furnished and well maintain. Here, you can find the greatest deals ever on freestanding baths.

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A freestanding bath is the main attraction of classy new age as well as traditional bathrooms. In the empty area, it provides a magnificent look to a contemporary bathroom. There are so many varieties and ultra-modern designs that one can never think of, mesmerising styles and products are offered and the customisation is available too, whether the choice is of square shape or angular, anyone can have the preference. You can have any shape in a freestanding bathtub. Rectangular, circle, square are to name a few.

Living in Sheffield and want to buy a freestanding bath? Not a big deal !! You're most welcome to our Bathroom Showroom Sheffield where you can get your choice of a freestanding bath.

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Another reason to buy a freestanding bathtub is that it is basically found to be fixed in a catchy area that can be easily caught in the sight of everyone. It is typically made up of copper/metal so that it fascinates the user.

BC designs, founded by Barrie Cutchie, takes immense pride for having highly qualified and appreciated BC design freestanding bathtubs. We are here to provide you with serene and sophisticated luxury products at a reasonable price. BC designs also provide high-end stylish BC design freestanding baths made up of acrylic material.

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To overcome the impediment caused by insufficient space, long edged back to wall freestanding baths came into existence, there is a flush button against the wall. When the plumbing can't be moved at that time this kind of bath accommodates it very well. Get the leisurely feel by installing these Back to wall freestanding baths as they provide practical and different styles, for hard to reach dirty spots it is bliss. Demand for freestanding baths is going very high day by day so the plethora of ranges are available easily as per the choice on Contact us through email at or call us on 0114 287 8030