A Complete Bathroom Design Guide

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Designing a bathroom is a rewarding yet challenging project. Our guide to planning a beautiful bathroom layout will help you configure a comfortable space that meets your family's needs. Before you part with any money in a bathroom showroom, spend some time planning the room, carefully considering what it is you need and want as part of your bathroom design. A new bathroom can relieve squabbles over morning congestion, and a remodeled one can add a whole new dimension of comfort. There are a lot of complete bathroom fitters available in the UK. Buy Try to choose the best one from them.

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Here are some points to consider before planning a bathroom design

·Do you need a separate bath and shower enclosure? Or can you get away with just a shower if you don’t use the bath?

You should think about this. Whether you want only shower enclosure or you want both shower baths, showers, and shower enclosure. From our point of view if you have limited space and a low budget then a shower bath will be the best choice for your bathroom.

·Bathroom Layout Imperatives

 Are you living in a narrow condo that's wider than it is long? Do you plan to annex space from a closet or another room to add square footage to a bathroom? Check out a variety of bathroom layouts and which work best based on the size of the space.

·Does your water system supply hot water with high pressure?

Check everything in your water system. Check if your water system is on high pressure or not? If not then ask a plumber to make a hot water system at high pressure.

·Water fitting replacement

Do you need to replace all the water fittings etc? You must think about this as it will add more cost to your bathroom renovation project. If you don't want to increase your budget then you should stick with your old water fitting position so all new bathroom products should be fitted by considering water fittings.

·Is the bathroom going to be the main bathroom? All family members will go to use this?

First, decide that is the bathroom going to be a main and common bathroom? If yes, then you should think about the flexibility of the bathroom. Because all elder family members and children will gonna use it. So you should think about their ease.

·Check Storage Space

Storage is the key to a successful bathroom. Toiletries never display well, nor do shampoo bottles standing on the floor of the shower. A substantial vanity with space for extra towels is a smart buy. Have you thought already about putting enough storage space to put your clothes and bathroom accessories? If not, then you should think about storage space before planning a bathroom.

·Did you consider heating, ventilation, and lights?

Did you think anything about putting a heated towel rail or a designer radiator to put in a bathroom for heat? If not, then please start thinking about that! And As bathrooms are often placed next to the bedroom, lighting should be considered carefully. You don’t want bright lights flashing on in the middle of the night. You should think also about ventilation before planning a bathroom. Make the room well ventilated, as you certainly don’t want steam flowing into the bedroom. Nor do you want your extraction to be too loud.

·Think about your Budget

how much can you afford to spend and how will this impact the designs that you choose? Deciding on a budget in advance means you can prioritize where to spend and where to save. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost thousands to create a spa feel. Invest in just one beautiful piece, such as a freestanding bath.

·Always be realistic about your space

There’s no point pining for his-and-her sinks, a statement walk-in shower, or a double-ended roll top if they won’t fit. The truth of the matter is it isn’t going to be possible in most UK bathrooms. The space around each of the fittings is important. You need to be able to get in and out of the bath or shower without any obstacle, whilst also having unhindered access to the toilet and basin.

So, now you know everything about bathroom designing. So think these all before planning a bathroom refurbishment or new bathroom plan. For more information visit our bathroom showroom, Sheffield. You can email or call us.

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