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The beauty of Pelipal Bathroom Furniture and LED Mirror Cabinet are its versatility, allowing you to fully personalize each and every unit with different front and body colours, as well as selecting from different size options. Pelipal creates timeless bathroom furniture, with a sense of tradition and new trends, distinguished by reliable quality and innovative functionality. The unique design of all the products in the range is developed with respect to shape, material and colour according to current trends. Pelipal uses Laser Tech edge technology to create their famed seamless edge and noiseless state-of-the-art fittings technology ensures the doors close in complete silence. 

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Take further steps towards the bathroom you desire by opting for Pelipal’s Cassca Bathroom Vanities. A tastefully realized addition to any bathroom, this vanity has been skillfully crafted in Germany and features a non-porous and sealed finish. Cassca is a harmonious combination of functionality and modern design. The design of the Pelipal Cassca Vanity Unit is simultaneously modern yet timeless. this vanity unit has Spacious storage areas, combined with our tried-and-tested classification system to fulfil modern-day requirements in just the same way as the effective and functional lighting designs.

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Pelipal Solitaire Vanity Units are the ideal solution for any contemporary setting, the Solitaire evokes an unrivalled effect in your bathroom. Add your personal touch and choose between either a recessed grip or a chrome gloss handle. This easy-to-install unit is bound to take your bathroom to the next level in terms of both style and function with its wide range of unit finishes, enabling you to select the perfect colour combination to complement your bathroom décor.

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Leonardo 116 offers a wide selection of delicate, puristic washbasins in glass and mineral marble.

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Take the next step towards bathroom perfection when you opt for the Bathroom Wash Stands & Vanity Units by Pelipal. this addition to your bathroom is dominated by its classic, fresh design. Aside from its alluring design, this outstanding option of bathroom furniture is able to further satisfy your needs by being available with a range of colour options. Pelipal is the epitome of luxury so if you want your bathroom furniture to stand out from the rest and you have the space in the house then Pelipal Wooden Vanity Unit is a fabulous example with its elegantly shaping, choice of ultra-modern handles and LED lighting ensuring it becomes your bathroom centrepiece, enabling you to select the perfect colour combination to complement your bathroom décor.


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