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Are you looking for a coloured shower tray to be installed in your bathrooms, Sheffield? Then, why not visit the Pryor bathrooms, Sheffield? We stock Europe's no. 1 Shower tray Brand Acquabella shower trays. In the UK There are Many popular shower trays such as base slate shower trays and duo slate shower trays in various finishes such as Blanco, Nacar, Beige, Marfil, Crema, Grey, Cemento, Lava, Moka, And Negro.

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Looking for a shower tray that suits your colourful bathroom? Here we are, Acquabella shower tray stockists provide shower trays that represent your creative and innovative thoughts. Create personal and custom made space with Acquabella coloured shower trays.

No need to worry! Acquabella tray suppliers are in Sheffield, too. Go hurry up grab the necessary equipment at a great deal from Acquabella tray supplier Sheffield.


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Quality and unique design in every corner that adapts to all spaces. The BASE shower tray was born with the identity of "made to measure" and this trait is still part of us. Get that naturalness and simplicity by combining the Slate, Beton and Nude textures with the multiple colours in the range. Create your perfect space that awakens your senses and gives your bathroom a unique finish.

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