An Ultimate Guide to Select the Best Freestanding Baths

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When it comes to thinking about giving a luxury touch to your bathroom, freestanding baths are the perfect option that suits all types of the bathroom from vintage to contemporary. There are broad ranges of designs and styles of freestanding baths available in the market and hence, it becomes difficult to choose the perfect for you. There is no need for any panels in freestanding baths. In modern freestanding baths, it sits on the floor directly, while in traditional style, you can get feet with different styles and designs as per your choice. Moreover, there are square, angular as well as ultra-modern design options with more curvaceous oval boat freestanding baths, back to wall freestanding baths, roll-top baths and many more options you will get to choose while visiting the best bathroom showroom in Sheffield. With this perfect Freestanding Baths guide, you can easily choose the best one from a great choice of bc designs freestanding bathtubs to give your bathroom an innovative touch.

All about Freestanding Baths

You all know that freestanding baths give your bathroom an attractive touch as it is usually positioned in the bathroom’s middle side and not attached to the wall. Hence, when you open the bathroom, it catches attention. It also gives a spa-like feeling to your bathroom with a sense of indulgence. If you have a large bathroom space and want to make a statement, there are unmatched designs and styles to shop freestanding bathtubs. Even for small bathroom spaces, you will get a compact design according to your space.

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Roll Top Freestanding Baths, perfect for traditional bathroom

If you are looking for a good option for your traditional bathroom, the roll top freestanding bath design makes your bathroom perfect. You can select from the single or double-ended design. In double-ended bath design, taps are attached at a central position that makes you easy to bath at both ends. There are also different styles and designs available for decorative feet of Roll Top freestanding baths to select your favourite one.

Slipper Freestanding Baths for complete relaxation

In slipper freestanding bathtubs, there is one end at a higher level compared to the other. There is a raised side or even both sides that give your back and shoulder support for much deeper and relaxing soak. These types of baths are perfect for a small bathroom space as it occupies less space compared to regular baths. Withstand on elegant feet and roll-top designs, you can give a vintage touch with the slipper freestanding baths.

Freestanding Contemporary Baths for the ultimate luxury

Select freestanding contemporary baths, if you are looking for a most modern bathroom look. From smooth and sleek to curvy and geometric in black or silver, you have a great choice to select the perfect one.

If you are looking for a luxury freestanding bath in your spacious modern bathroom, you can get great options to choose from a high-end selection of BC design that includes Acrylic baths, Copper baths, Tin Baths, Nickel baths and more.

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Things to Consider While selecting the Freestanding Baths

We have discussed the style and design of freestanding baths, but besides it, you also need to think about the position and size of the bathtub. This is the most important thing you need to consider while buying cheap freestanding bathtubs with the best quality. Based on the size and shape of your bathroom, you can place it in a corner or centre. The best place to put it underneath windows or a feature wall or alcove.

Normally, there are three standard sizes such as small (55), standard (60) and large (72) inch length. While selecting the bath, also calculate space for plumbing as well as enough space to open the door. Moreover selecting cost-efficient and elegant taps are also significant. Choose the right tap hole or mount straight on the bath or silver nickel or copper or brass tap. The material you can choose such as fibreglass or porcelain or ceramic that perfectly matches the theme of your bathroom. Thus, position, colour, material and taps are equally important factors to consider with the design and style of freestanding baths for your bathroom in Burlington.

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