Create a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom

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When it comes to creating a relaxing bathroom, you may be inspired by the ultimate luxury: a five-star spa experience. There is a wide range of reasons you might be working with a small bathroom. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it also can't be a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis. There are numerous upgrades you can do to add spa-like features and ambiance to your existing bathroom. Of course, there are a few feature from the spa-inspired bathroom that are far more popular and trendier than others. And it is these luxurious features that make the biggest impact in your own bathroom as well. But Instead of splurging money on expensive treatments and spa days changing some of the features in your own bathroom can help to bring that spa environment to your own home. Take a look at some  ways to rethink your bathroom and turn it into the ultimate home spa experience.

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If your bathroom is drowning in makeup, toiletries and hair products, cut the clutter by removing items you don't use on a daily basis and storing them underneath your sink, in a basket or in a medicine cabinet. Throw away old bottles - bin whatever is nearing its use-by date, or what’s rarely used. Keep any excess in a bathroom cupboard. Clutter usually gives us stress. That’s why spas always keep their toiletries hidden and in order.

You were not expecting your spa day to start with cleaning. But, your mind and body will be thank you for that. You can give your bath an effective deep clean with Just dip a lemon into salt and use it like a sponge to scrub your bath. Those who might have just stepped into the world of interior design and decorating might feel that the freestanding tub is all too common in the bathroom, but that was not the case a decade ago.

If you’re working with a small bathroom, then chances are your towels are always visible, which essentially makes them built-in decor whether you like it or not. Try to invest in at least one pair of nice looking towels can upgrade your space tenfold. They will give your bathroom a classy look.

Bring in a few houseplants. Like aloe vera, pathos, and ferns are just a few types of houseplants that thrive in the bathroom, thanks to the high humidity inside the space. Get creative with plant hangers and you’ll be relaxing in your own private jungle spa in no time. If your bathroom has low levels of light, look for plants like African violets or Chinese evergreens, which thrive well in darker conditions.

All-white home bathrooms can feel cold and clinical. Give yours a lick of colour to create a more authentic, at-home spa experience.

A freestanding bath draws the eye, creating a focal point and really adding to that feeling of ultimate luxury. If possible, have yours facing towards the window. Nothing says ‘spa’ more than gazing at the outside world while you bathe. So, the main thing is buying a freestanding bath.

Do you have any brilliant spa-inspired bathroom ideas? Let us know today.

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